Brookfield Planters are extremely weather durable. As with all plant containers, good drainage is imperative. In northern climates care should be taken to cover or elevate planters to ensure proper drainage and prevent possible freezing of accumulated water. Designed to be placed beneath planters, Brookfield Planter Feet create visual interest and elevate planters from 1 1/2 to 3 inches. We recommend at least three planter feet per planter for stability.

We are pleased to offer heavy Plastic Saucers, color-keyed to our concrete colors. They are available for all of our large scale round planters except the Anderson Bowl. These saucers provide a secure water barrier to protect surfaces below and create a visually unobtrusive water reservoir. Please call for more information. The Square Concrete Saucer will fit these planter styles: Plantation, Garden, Manor House, Small Anderson, Large Chateau and Large Garland. Round saucers fit many sizes.

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